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  1. Surrenderdorathy1

    While I think Sophie looks really good here I get the feeling this was in the running for possible cover for the comic and I’m glad you went with the one you did if that was the case. While obviously the cover appeals more to the male gaze then this one does I think the clothes tell a theme and story that I hope carry the rest of Sophie’s story. While in both images she’s sitting on a throne in a position and display of power and control but I really like that the cover image shows that she is still being displayed as someone else’s desire. I’m really sure it’s not her choice to wear that slave outfit and she is still on a leash. She still belongs to someone. She is still a part of a master slave hierarchy. I don’t know what KH’s final plan for Sophie is but I hope she never truely escapes. That’s just one opinion. Great comic and great cover. Love that the last 2 updates have had backgrounds.

  2. Mallez -R-Christo

    I agree with Surrender.

    Although this drawing looks great, the cover of RiT&C seemed more appropriate for the story that this comic tells, where Sophie (even half-naked and with her nipples ringed) still showed an expression of discomfort at her situation as a sexual slave of the best friend Her boyfriend’s. While in this drawing, she has a more submissive and… sad expression. Clearly, Sophie here has already accepted her fate.

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