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  1. Smook

    Ah, cool drawing, as always. Never enough of Sophie, however it’s a shame that her face is covered, but you can’t have everything 😉 Can’t wait for your SubscribeStar, any ETA (month) for it?

  2. Kittyhand

    I can’t give ETA for Subscribestar, but the next Fansadox comic is almost finished. I think it will be published in October. That one is all about Officer Sophie.

  3. John

    Nice, I actually like acts with masked face/hidden identity. Brings out the best(worst) from the people. I guess Harry doesn’t know that he and his team doing victory laps on his girlfriend?

  4. Surrenderdorathy1

    I love this whole outfit, hood included. I love that it serves a narrative purpose as well. Something very similar happens in Jane’s nightmare. Makes the scenes so much hotter.

    I’d love to see a flogging scene with a character that has one of those latex gimp hoods that has the eyes cut out but they have a gag in their mouth or it’s a hood with no mouth opening at all. The person flogging the slave knows who they are and could even help get them freed if they discovered the slaves identity. The slave keeps trying to tell the flogger who the are and try to help them but of course the bondage and hood make that impossible.
    Just an idea.

      • Surrenderdorathy1

        I watched that one so long ago. If I’m remembering correctly we see that whole event from the Dom characters pov and we don’t know that the woman he’s torturing is his girlfriend till he takes her mask off and she’s not trying to alert him. I got the vibe that she was to far gone to even be aware who was torturing her. But it has been a very long time. Good hentai though. One of the few that doesn’t get out of control with piss, shit, and blood like Pigeon Blood. I have a love hate relationship with that one.

    • John

      Yes. Those acts feels a special kind of helplessness. Being used and abused by the people who you know(or in front of them) and yet them being completely oblivious about who it is under the mask

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