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  1. Mallez -R-Christo

    -Come on, bitch. Move those hips more! -The man roared, as he charged the poor girl with impetus.
    “For heaven’s sake, she’s going to kill me! Please God. Someone. Stop him!” Yiang thought, utterly defeated.
    Hours ago the man had taken her to the warehouse to punish her for her faults and she couldn’t stand it much longer. The pain in her arms was excruciating, but the pain between her legs was hellish.
    “Please, stop! I’ll be good, I’ll obey all the customers’ orders, but stop!” Yiang wanted to say, but only incomprehensible babble came out of her mouth.
    Her gag kept him from speaking, but not moaning.
    And the only thing Yiang could do was wait for this hell to end quickly.
    “Please, screw.”

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