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Red in Tooth and Claw 2

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Red in Tooth & Claw 2 has been published. We would like to hear your opinions on this comic.
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Nimrod009 and Big-rb have reacted to this post.

Loved it! It's clear the comics are being linked together, especially the tease for the forbidden city at the end! Sofia Harris can't be far away now!

Hi Kittyhand, 

Thank you for publishing this comic, I have purchased it with great anticipation but was a little disappointed, the quality of the comic appeared to be a little lower then I have seen before in the past. I also felt the scenes were a little subdued and boring, there appeared to be more dialogue it would have been nice to have more rough/extreme sex scenes.

Will you be releasing scenes on subscribestar anytime soon? I am hoping this will fill in the missing scenes that show the quality and intriguing story line that I have enjoyed in the past. 


Can you please explain in detail which parts you find boring or subdued? This way, we can analyze it and learn how to improve.

Currently, we do not have any additional scene plans for RiT&C2 to be released on Subscribestar.

So, when I first read Objection Overruled #2 I was very skeptical about KH's designs as far as where Julia's character arch was going. I didn't like that she was allowed to wear normal clothes but, now after reading RiT&C #2 I finally saw what KH was going for and I think they pulled it off extremely well. It's not what I would have gone for but I respect the vision. Julia's position gives her several characters to interact with and we get a lot of sex and sadistic scenarios to show us how brainwashed and submissive she is now. It's really good stuff. Harry also has a very satisfying arch at the end that left me super invested in him at the end. I can't wait to see where it all goes. Finally as you can see from the previews on the website we do get more of the China plot at the end. Every page was like ecstasy for my eyes. I dreaded turning every page for fear it would be the last one. I did not want this comic to end. Thankfully I got more than enough of the China plot line to hold me over till the next comic. KH keeps introducing so many new characters for me to become obsessed with I don't know how they do it. 5/5 great comic.


jeromcruz has reacted to this post.

Purchased Tooth and Claw 2 yesterday, read it, and overall loved the scenes in this chapter. This is my review of this installment chapter. 

Pros: I liked how we can see the descent of Julia into total submission, she obeys every command and is completely a slave to her captors. Her action in this chapter has finally brought out the hidden beast in Harry. I wonder if Harry will turn out to be a sadist owner like his friends eventually since he has finally given in to his desires. 

I also loved the Chinese Dragon lord plot in this chapter, the preparation of Sophie by the servants to receive the lord's seeds was intriguing and hot. The expressions were wonderfully drawn especially when Sophie realized her fate after hearing the degrading remarks by the servants. The forced scene with the Dragon lord was good with her reluctance and his authoritarian behavior contrasting with each other. His manner of speaking showed how low he views his son's gift, he sees her just as an item to be used. 

The tease of the forbidden city teases that the white pony will probably appear soon and keeps us guessing about Sophies upcoming grim fate in the forbidden city. 

Cons: I felt Sophie could have had a more extended scene in Tooth and claw instead of Julia's scenes. I wanted the Dragon lord to have a bigger role in this comic because Fei sending her as a gift to his father was such an important plot point in Tooth and Claw 1. I was hoping for more scenes with the Dragon lord and Sophie instead of quickly moving to the next portion of her story, potentially a concubine/slave plotline would have helped. Hopefully the dragon lords role is not completely over in the story and will appear in the coming installments. The China plot is the best part of Sophie story and I am intrigued to read more of it in the future. 

These are my thoughts. Other people who read the chapter, Please comment your opinions below.



Comixchef has reacted to this post.

Old Dragonlord will definitely have more screen time in the future. In the upcoming chapters, it will further reveal the relationship between Old Dragonlord and his son Fei. In fact, Fei did not give Sophie to his father as a gift, but his father took Sophie away from him, as a way to teach Fei a lesson for his unintentional overstepping due to being obsessed with Sophie. That's why Old Dragonlord didn't return Sophie to Fei after using her, but instead let his son watch Sophie being sent to the Forbidden City nightclub to entertain guests.

Fate quickly caught up with Fei for his previous actions towards Harry. This allows Fei to experience firsthand how his best friend felt at that time, deepening their understanding of each other and strengthening their bond.

jeromcruz has reacted to this post.

Thank you for clarifying Comixchef, I misinterpreted the end of Tooth and Claw 1 as Fei taking Sophie and bringing her to China as an offering for his father. I assumed he made her undergo Chinese slave training with his female servants and even put the slave mark on her to please his father. The Dragon lord talking away Sophie from Fie changes the dynamic between father and son, I am interested to see if Fei will go against his father to get her back. I agree that Fei will empathize with how Harry felt when Sophie went missing but this chapter hints that Harry has started going on a downward spiral and is finally acting out on his desires. I wonder if Fei will bring Harry to the forbidden city to enjoy his newfound desire for domination which will eventually end in the reunion between him and Sophie. Hopefully,  there will be more Dragon lord and Sophie scenes in the forbidden city in future installments. 

I really liked the "forbidden city" type of harem that was displayed. I hope to see more in the future.

jeromcruz has reacted to this post.

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