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Since Sophie is the newest favorite of Popov, Julia has to prove her own "usefulness" to her master by gaining the trust of Popov's latest victim. And as a cold calculated person, Julia has no problem pushing her new friend over the cliff to win mistress Maria's favor if the situation required it.

oh that will be great read, so  will we see Julia getting more training and see her full mental submission is this story?

This new comic will end with the banquet scene in Objection Overruled 2. I think Julia is still OK at that moment.

do you have any sketches of julia's and sophies outfit for the new comic that you can share?

Just like I have answered a similar question in another thread. I think releasing content that will tease the readers without having a publishing date is not a good idea. As long as Dofan handles the publication, I have no control over the publishing date.

So, can we assume that you handed over the comic to dofantasy and it's on their side now?

I am waiting for the dialogs scripts from Sarenaph at this moment.

Hi Kittyhand,

I was wondering if the next comic will be out next month (June) and when you will start with subscribestar?

I don't think our next comic will be out any time soon, we are working on 2 projects parallelly at the same moment. They will be finished close to each other and hence the time gap from our last comic release will be increased. We are using a new coloring technique on one of our current projects, which will help reduce costs. Our SubscribeStar comics will be using the same coloring technique if the new comic is well received by our readers.

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